Kumi from Willowzen has been using Revolution’s Fruit and Vegetable wash for their authentic free range eggs. 

We are happy to use your product as it is certified organic, non-toxic and biodegradable.  We care about our eggs and our farm’s health.”

– Kumi, Owner of Willowzen 


Cluny Live Exports Pty Ltd


Angus Macpherson from Cluny Live Exports Pty Ltd transports a variety of cattle in Australia by air and continues to use our product for sanitising animal crates during transport.

“I would highly recommend Revolution to anyone invovled with livestock transport. It is by far the best and only solution that we have found in terms of not only reducing amonia build-up but also its hospital grade disinfectant properties. The animals also appear to arrive happier and healthier

– Angus Macpherson, Managing Director of Cluny Live Exports Pty Ltd