What are Revolution cleaners?

Revolution is a plant based cleaner derived from bitter orange and contains an abundance of natural cleaning agents able to cut through dirt and grease effectively similar to its chemical counterparts. Many of our products are certified by NASAA for organic input ensuring that these products are truly environmentally friendly and safe to human health.

Why is Revolution any better than chemical products?

Revolution products are safe for health to minimise risk

At Revolution we find it interesting to note that chemical cleaners are essentially removing dirt and germs by replacing them with toxins and poisons. In contrast, Revolution is food safe grade and at working concentration is safe to ingest. Inhalation bears no risk and protective clothing is also not required. Providing a safe alternative to home use.

Our products do not harm the environment

As Revolution is completely natural and certified by NASAA for organic input, it is fully biodegradable and safe for disposal without the the worry for runoff or contamination of waterways. Our product is made from renewable materials that do not cost the Earth.

Revolution still cleans effectively

Although many people think that organic cleaners can never clean as well as chemical cleaners, our products are designed to specifically be tough on grease. Furthermore, our sanitisers are laboratory tested against germs to ensure effectiveness. Our products have even been extensively used to effectively clean mining equipment during the Australian mining boom.

Just because a cleaner is chemical does not mean that it cleans better

Many natural products are able to cut through grease similarly. This does not mean that chemical products do not work. Many chemical products do the job, however, at what cost? It is the risk factors of chemical products to both human health and the environment that are of concern. 

Chemical products may pose long-term health dangers

Manufacturers of chemical products claim that low levels of these toxic substances is a sufficient control for health risks to the population. However, many ingredients in chemical products have not been extensively tested where some are even suspected carcinogens or neurotoxins.

Chemical products require precaution

Often chemical products often require users to be weary of fume inhalation and to wear gloves to avoid skin irritation. These products may also leave chemical residues on cleaned surfaces that may be harmful even after cleaning. Common areas include food preparation areas where residues may be ingested unknowingly.

Revolution has been in business since 2008. We provide effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe to humans and animals for both commercial and home use.

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