Revolution Organic Surface Sanitiser (5L)



Revolution Surface Sanitiser (5L) is delivered as a concentrate and can be used on all hard surfaces in both home and for commercial areas. Our sanitiser is suitable for glass, stainless steel, wood, benchtops and plastic composites. Sanitising should always follow general cleaning. The dilution rates for Revolution Surface Sanitiser is 1:20 for food contact surfaces and 1:50 for general sanitising after general cleaning. Dilution rate can be adjusted to 1:10 is superior sanitising is required. 


Our organic sanitiser is environmentally friendly and is certified by NASAA for organic input. It is non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment. Is food-contact safe and non-corrosive but contact with eyes should be avoided.

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Revolution has been in business since 2008. We provide effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe to humans and animals for both commercial and home use.

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