Cleaning protocol

Using Revolution isn’t any more complicated or difficult than any other cleaning product. If required, first dilute the respective product depending on the strength required (Usually a 1:60 or 1:30 ratio of product to water E.G 1 litre product into 60 litres of water). Application of product can be done in a variety of ways, where simple addition of product onto surface and wiping is generally used from most applications.

Foaming application requires a foaming device and uses the same dilution rates as non-foaming application.

Revolution products comes in two formats, either dilutable product as a concentrate or ready to use products not requiring dilution.

Dilution Required

Dilute as per bottle instructions, usually 1:30 or 1:60 (product:water)

No Dilution

Use as per instructions, check the label carefully before dispensing product.

Below is a standard outline for a cleaning procedure of general surfaces.

1. Wipe any free particles off surface before applying product onto the surface

2. Apply product as either a liquid or foam and leave to stand for a few minutes

3. Wipe down area to be cleaned or leave to dry.

4. Rinse with water if required (As per bottle recommendations).

Revolution has been in business since 2008. We provide effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe to humans and animals for both commercial and home use.

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