Natural vs chemical cleaning products


The next time you pick up a cleaner. Don’t just look at the front label, a cursory look at the fine print behind will reveal if the product is actually as safe as it is made out to be. Chemical products that are deemed “safe” often contain harmful ingredients. Like most hazardous chemicals, “safe”, is deemed as “acceptable exposure” similar to the levels of lead in tap water supplied to households. By safety regulations, acceptable levels mean DO NOT mean that chemicals do not harm, but rather that the harm done is deemed as “acceptable”.  Most chemical products are corrosive and poisonus, should we really be replacing dirt grime and bacteria with…poison? In essence, trace amounts still present after cleaning can damage your health over long-time exposure despite being determined to be within safe levels. 

Despite this, many chemical products may contain corrosive ingredients such as bleach and hypochlorite products. These products clean well but are caustic and may cause chemical burns. Generally the rule of thumb is to only use as much as you need to minimise exposure. In addition, these products, although safe for cleaning are likely hazardous if ingested. As such, it is of particular importance to areas of food contact, such as the kitchen or areas where ingestion may be a risk such as schools or children inhabited areas.

Our product is certified to be genuinely safe for the environment and both humans and animals.

The Revolution cleaner range


Revolution is certified for organic input. This is important as the word “natural” may be used freely by businesses without any actual certification or invesitgation into their claims. Our certification proves that our product is geniunine in it’s environmentally friendly and renewable status.


Revolution is a completely natural product that is certified by NASAA for organic input and is completely food grade safe. However, “natural” does not automatically mean safe. Natural products can include poisons which are produced from natural sources. However, the Revolution range is safe even if accidentally ingested and is suitable for food areas for both home and commercial use.

Other chemical cleaners


Chemical cleaning products have been extensively produced, used and tested over the years. These chemical products undoubtedly clean dirt well, however there are growing concerns about the effects of long-term use. Similar to the newest pharmeceuticals on the market, long term effects in humans are unknown until many years later.


The production and manufacture of these products also determines the footprint that we leave on Earth for future generations. By products or residues left by chemical products after use may linger, negatively impacting the environment.

What makes an organic product, geniuine and safe?

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Revolution has been in business since 2008. We provide effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe to humans and animals for both commercial and home use.

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